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FTWGuides Champions Online Leveling Guide

FTWGuides Champions Online Leveling Guide

The guide is rather detailed, complete, and includes maps and screenshots to help you as much as possible. While it’s not uncommon to find those things in other guides as well, some can be found without. There are also some interesting tips and tricks included which help you level up, but that’s about it. Killerguides guide for comparison has many more bonuses such as a resources or equipment guide so I can’t help but give it a better rating.

Killerguides Champions Online Leveling Guide

Champions Online Leveling Guide

This leveling guide helps you follow the best and fastest leveling strategies tried by the experts. This Champions leveling guide concentrates on both solo and group strategies, to prepare you for any situation. It also gives you a detailed analysis of different equipment that can be selected by you for your champion. The items you wear are always crucial for the best performance and this will surely be very useful to you.